Other Services

Emergency Contact Centre

Aeromed has a dedicated 24/7 emergency contact center for patients to call anytime they require assistance. We provide the necessary assistance by engaging the required vendor or partner for the client

Aviation Medicine

Providing these services for our owned pilots such as Medical Check-up for OSH, we now extend the services for pilots all over Indonesia

Health Tourism

Having the best of both world health and travel. We collaborate with organizations with the most sought-after medical procedures around the world and combine with holiday packages to give a one-of-a-kind experience

Underwriting Services

Aeromed with our network of hospital providers and labs are able to provide the necessary medical examination to underwrite and mitigate risk for the insurance.

Organ Transport

Being a medical transport specialist, we extend our services to transport organs for transplantation.

Medical Concierge Service

Having partners around the world we can provide door to door service for VIP clients from flower delivery to providing private jets.

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