Commercial Flight Repatriation

We provide patient repatriation services on a scheduled airline for patients who are bed-bound but medically stable, even if they are seriously ill or on life support. A Commercial Flight Repatriation can be a cost-effective option as compared to an air ambulance option. Our medical team meets the patient in the hospital and facilitates their discharge, accompanies the patient to the airport, and arranges for check-in and embarkation. We arrange for stretcher space, oxygen, ground support, road ambulance and monitor the comfort of the patient with the necessary medical care on board the aircraft. Carried onboard are all required medications/drugs and medical equipment whether for advanced life support or just to monitor the patient’s condition. The patient is isolated from the rest of the passengers on board by a special private curtained area. The service includes ground ambulance transportation on both sides, departure and arrival destinations. This service is available on selected domestic and international airlines.